As I stood at my front door, coffee mug in hand, one early morning in July, I felt as if I was saying goodbye to the person I was at that moment. I often stand at my front door looking out over the river while giving thanks for so many things. It was this morning that I stood in gratitude I said goodbye to what I had become and was now guided to welcome my new self in to this life. 

  The sun was just breaking over the horizon and I thought this is it, I will never be in this moment and be the way I am right now. I wont ever think how I think right now at this moment. Something big is about to happen. Change is coming and it felt so good. I embrace change as my one constant. Its that swirl of energy that moves in and out of your space and around your being. A swirl that can never be tamed. 

  I love change because its what I know best. In 2005 I came to a crossroads at the age of 40 and went back to school to get a degree and learn massage therapy. Who knew that it would lead me down a path of communicating with Spirit….

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