Virtual zoom class taught by Picasso Roberts

January 29th 2023 |  4pm EST | $35

In this class I will teach you basic energy work with the pendulum. This will entail how to find your yes and your no. How to feel into it when the ego is driving the bus, and what to do when that happens. Also you will learn other uses for the pendulum.

The items required for this class are a pendulum and pen & paper. A letter wheel will be sent to you in a pdf and you will need to print it out. I recommend laminating your wheel as well.

You will need to make sure you have a quiet space for class. This means no kids, pets or spouses running through and distracting your attention. All phones must be turned off and please show up on time. You will receive an email invite from me for the zoom class well before the class.

The class will be recorded on zoom and it will be accessible for you to rewatch. There are no refunds for this class.