Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki


Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation and stress reduction. Defined as “Life Force Energy” and can be very helpful in ones healing process. It is known as energy work and you do not have to be present to receive. I am licensed massage therapist and can legally place hands on but with Reiki it is mostly a hands off technique. 

$75 for 30 minutes, $150 for 60 minutes.

Price will change when you choose date/time and length below. Disregard end time on 3o min choice

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You must be 18 years or older to receive a reading from me. Everything that comes through is subject to your own interpretation. I do not tell you your future. You also understand that you have free will and that you can change everything that comes through for you. By purchasing a reading you are agreeing that any information or guidance that is provided does not constitute or substitute for legal, financial, medical, psychological, and or business advice. You claim full responsibility for your own choices and or actions taken based on the content of your reading.

After your successful purchase, I will contact you to arrange a mutually beneficial  date/time of your reading.

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30 minutes, 60 minutes

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