Walking The Way: A Story of Strength, Courage and My Introduction to Spirit

Walking The Way: A Story of Strength, Courage and My Introduction to Spirit


By the time I was eight years old I learned the true meaning of physical trauma as well as verbal abuse. I could pour a mean rum and coke and make sure all ashtrays were empty for my parents. This challenging beginning gave me the survivor skills I needed for later in life. I was forced to be on my own at the age of 14 and that created such grief and loss in my life. The loss of relationships that would never be. Later I experienced near death and a direct connection to God. These lessons opened up a new world for me. I was awakened to healing energy through Reiki and learned that I had the ability to feel, hear, see, smell and even sometimes taste what people from the other side wanted me to share. So they could be acknowledged and get their message through to their loved ones. I became an empathic psychic medium and in these pages I share how it all happened.

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This book is my story but its yours too. I have survived challenges that make me wonder how I am still here. This brings questions up for us all. I am just like you in so many ways. I am sharing out loud, so if you feel you cant its ok. At least you know you are not alone.
I have learned on this path of “walking the way” I am never alone.

I am an inspirational empathic psychic medium who creates connectivity and balance for survivors of life traumas. I have learned, with the help of spirit to integrate my energy with spirit and listen to what message they need to convey. While it sounds daunting at times its also fun. Spirit has a sense humor and they do make me laugh.

What I hope you get from these pages is connection and healing. It’s ok to shed a tear or laugh out loud at some of the crazy bleep that has happened to me. If you haven’t noticed yet the world has gone a little sideways so that we can gain our balance back. Roll with it and enjoy the ride. I hope you enjoy these words.

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Walking the way

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