• This is connecting you with your Spirit Guides and Angels on the other side. Often it’s an integration of mediumship and psychic abilities. I use Angel cards to help guide us. 
  • This is connecting you with loved ones from the other side. I have no control on who comes through but I will help you center yourself so we can ask those that you are looking to speak with to step forward. Often they give message at the end and also answer questions you may have.
  • By the time I was eight years old I learned the true meaning of physical trauma as well as verbal abuse. I could pour a mean rum and coke and make sure all ashtrays were empty for my parents. This challenging beginning gave me the survivor skills I needed for later in life. I was forced to be on my own at the age of 14 and that created such grief and loss in my life. The loss of relationships that would never be. Later I experienced near death and a direct connection to God. These lessons opened up a new world for me. I was awakened to healing energy through Reiki and learned that I had the ability to feel, hear, see, smell and even sometimes taste what people from the other side wanted me to share. So they could be acknowledged and get their message through to their loved ones. I became an empathic psychic medium and in these pages I share how it all happened.Paperback $16.95  | E-book available on Amazon | International OrdersBundle this book and the "I'm No Angle but I'm Trying" Angel Card deck and get $5 off! (discount automatic when both items are in your cart).
  • The spirit and angelic realm are full of love and guidance for us always. Let us not forget that Spirit also has a sense of humor. We are given guidance and taught our lessons by these guides and angels in what every way they can get through to us. Sometimes it takes aa sense of humor to really get our attention. Wether we like it or not.A fun and inspiring 52 card deck.Bundle this card deck with my book "Walking the way.." and get $5 off! (discount auto applied at checkout when both items are in your cart)
  • This chart is complete before we connect. It is a soul chart reading based on the Michael Teachings. It is not a cult, religion or a belief system. Michael is a collective of 1050 souls that created this overleaf chart to help us better understand not only ourselves on a soul level, but also the people around us. I ask only that you to provide a short list of names of people (first names only) that you would like to know what your soul relationship is with them. We will go over your chart and then your list. There is that chance because the “light” is on that Spirit will want to give a message at the end. If that happens I do honor that. I only do a chart with your permission and at your comfort level.  90 Minutes.
  • Taste of Spirit

    Enjoy and evening with food friends and Spirit in a group setting. You can choose to have a restaurant host your evening or I can provide delicious snacks to taste while receiving messages from Spirit in your home. Its like breaking bread with your loved ones once again. There is a 6 person minimum for group setting. Contact me for questions about menu.25.00 per person with out food 45.00 per person with food provided
  • Reiki

    Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation and stress reduction. Defined as “Life Force Energy” and can be very helpful in ones healing process. It is known as energy work and you do not have to be present to receive. I am licensed massage therapist and can legally place hands on but with Reiki it is mostly a hands off technique. 
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