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  • 90 minute intuitive reading. See full description below.  You must be 18 or over to book a reading. If the available dates and times shown below are not suitable for your schedule, please email me to see if we can schedule an alternate time .
  • By the time I was eight years old I learned the true meaning of physical trauma as well as verbal abuse. I could pour a mean rum and coke and make sure all ashtrays were empty for my parents. This challenging beginning gave me the survivor skills I needed for later in life. I was forced to be on my own at the age of 14 and that created such grief and loss in my life. The loss of relationships that would never be. Later I experienced near death and a direct connection to God. These lessons opened up a new world for me. I was awakened to healing energy through Reiki and learned that I had the ability to feel, hear, see, smell and even sometimes taste what people from the other side wanted me to share. So they could be acknowledged and get their message through to their loved ones. I became an empathic psychic medium and in these pages I share how it all happened.

    Paperback $16.95  | E-book available on Amazon | International Orders Bundle this book and the "I'm No Angle but I'm Trying" Angel Card deck and get $5 off! (discount automatic when both items are in your cart).
  • Enjoy an evening with food friends and Spirit in a group setting. You can choose to have a restaurant host your evening or I can provide a gallery style setting on line virtually all the while receiving messages from Spirit in your home. Its like breaking bread with your loved ones once again. I know we all miss that!  There is a 6 person minimum for a group setting. This is typically an hour long event. If you want a more extensive event contact me for pricing. Understand this will be prepaid and there are no refunds. Additional service fee (travel time) applies for venues located more than 25 miles outside of Saint Augustine Florida.
  • The spirit and angelic realm are full of love and guidance for us always. Let us not forget that Spirit also has a sense of humor. We are given guidance and taught our lessons by these guides and angels in what every way they can get through to us. Sometimes it takes aa sense of humor to really get our attention. Wether we like it or not. A fun and inspiring 52 card deck. Bundle this card deck with my book "Walking the way.." and get $5 off! (discount auto applied at checkout when both items are in your cart)
  • Join psychic mediums Christy Godwin and Picasso Roberts for an evening of sipping wine (or your choice of beverage) and snacking snacks with spirit. This is going to be a fun evening of connecting with your loved ones while you are in the comfort of your own home and indulging in something wonderful to eat or drink. Let it be chocolate or wine or cheese or whatever it is that you like to indulge in. We only ask that the space you are in stays relatively calm so you can hear what we are saying. So make sure kids, pets and spouses are all taken care of before you sit down and join us. This helps to ensure you get a clear message.
  • This is a virtual event on zoom. When you purchase your ticket you will receive a reminder about the event and the day of you will receive a link for the zoom room. Christy and Picasso will be giving messages from your loved ones in spirit. Its always a great time as you never know what exactly spirit has to say. They always give us a laugh and inspiration how we need it.   August 29th 2021, Zoom, 5pm Eastern time.
  • This is a step by step process for identifying and releasing negative thoughts, feelings and memories that interfere with us reaching our goals and dreams. Aroma Freedom Technique is meant to be used as a way to set a person’s emotional energy flowing in a positive direction towards growth and expansion rather than contracting in fear, doubt and paralysis. It uses organic oil blends to trigger a permanent shift in how we view ourselves and the world. I am not a therapist or a counselor, I am a certified instructor and will walk you through the process. If you do not have essential oils or you want to get started with your AFT work before you get your normal size bottles in, you can order a sample pack from me here.    
  • This guided meditation will take you to a sacred space where you can center yourself and connect with your spirit guides. It will also show you a grounding technique to keep you centered. 11 am EST. Sunday June 19th.  45 minutes $10
  • This class will teach you to ground yourself for self healing.  I will show you the techniques to nurture the release of those things you have been carrying. I will also show you how to hold a positive energy while going through your daily routine. 90 minutes Total 60 min will be devoted to techniques 30 min to questions & answers Zoom class - 11am EST Saturday June 4 2022
  • Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation and stress reduction. Defined as “Life Force Energy” and can be very helpful in ones healing process. It is known as energy work and you do not have to be present to receive. I am licensed massage therapist and can legally place hands on but with Reiki it is mostly a hands off technique.  $75 for 30 minutes, $150 for 60 minutes. Price will change when you choose date/time and length below. Disregard end time on 3o min choice
  • This is a 2 class series with a follow up for Q&A 2 weeks after the last class. Each class will be 90 minutes. The Q& A will be open ended. I will answer all of your questions. Class date(s): TBD Q & A Date to be announced later (There is a 35.00 discount for those that have taken my pendulum class. You will receive a code to put in for the discount) Because this class is virtual you will receive class materials in a pdf and will be responsible for printing them out so you can follow along. You are also required to purchase the book Michael the Basic Teachings as that is what I am teaching from or The Michael Handbook. These are currently available on amazon. Also you will need a pendulum. There will also be a page for ethics. This is a very important part of the teaching and I expect each student to pay special attention to this and honor the basic code of ethics.
  • Virtual zoom class taught by Picasso Roberts Saturday January 30th 2021  |  1pm-3pm EST In this class I will teach you basic energy work with the pendulum. This will entail how to find your yes and your no. How to feel into it when the ego is driving the bus, and what to do when that happens. Also you will learn other uses for the pendulum. The items required for this class are a pendulum and letter wheel. If you have trouble locating one let me know and I will send a copy of mine. Its weathered but it serves its purpose. You will need to make sure you have a quiet space for class. This means no kids, pets or spouses running through and distracting your attention. All phones must be turned off and please show up on time. You will receive an email invite from me for the zoom class well before the class. The class will be recorded on zoom and it will be accessible for you to rewatch. There are no refunds for this class.

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