Wow, as I sit hear trying to figure out how to explain what I have experienced this morning, my head is spinning. I may have to walk away and come back to it. Im not sure. A few years back while living in Venice Florida I bought a book called “The Journey Home” a Kryon Parable . Its written by Lee Carroll and inspired by the entity Kryon. Its not a long book but one that has intensity. It seems  to parallel my journey from my mid twenties to now.

I have had the book for a few years and hadn’t read it til now. It apparently wasn’t time. Its the story of Michael Thomas and the seven angels. Let me tell you what brought me here. In the past couple of years I have been trying to change my location to get back to the United States to be of help to my mom and my step dad . Mom has Alzheimer’s and I want to help her as she maneuver’s this part of her life. After all that we have been through I still hold a great deal of love for my mom. I look at her as not only my mom but another soul who has traversed many challenges in this lifetime. She’s come a long way baby.

Anyway, I have been so determined to sell this house  in Panama, that I have forgotten so much of what I have learned…

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